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Your Absolute Mind EAP

The UK’s Proactive EAP Mental Health Programme

How can Your Absolute Mind app and our unique partnership with Health Assured help you to help your team to become mentally healthy and give them award winning support?


  • Your Absolute Mind app. Designed to help your team become mentally healthy
  • 24/7, 365 confidential UK-based helplines answered by qualified counsellors in 20 seconds. Here, when you need us most
  • Critical incident management support
  • Family advice line on childcare and eldercare
  • Build a proactive culture where everyone becomes mentally healthy
  • Weekly bespoke* mental health challenges and daily updates
  • Much more…

Your Absolute Mind Method to EAP

We believe EAP’s should be proactive and preventive, as well as the usual reactive and supportive.

Our unique approach to EAP’s means you’ll have the best of both worlds. Your Absolute Mind app has partnered with Health Assured to offer you a range of award-winning health and wellbeing support services. When coupled with a simple, science-backed, habit-forming mental health app that brings tools and programmes from therapies in a simple-to-follow video format that’s enjoyable and engaging, it’s a complete package to help you and your team become mentally healthy and thoroughly supported.

Request more information to discover how Your Absolute Mind Method of an EAP programme could be right for you and your team.

Why Absolute Mind App?

Daily - habit forming

Build better habits for your mental health with Your Today page.

Actionable and enjoyable

Small daily steps that you can easily implement into your day making it enjoyable.

A simple journal

Journal your thoughts to reflect on your feelings and their triggers.

With you always

No need to “find time” simply check in at your pace and work through tools and programmes that suit.

Daily dose of mental well-being

New daily quotes and a meditation to uplift and inspire you for your day ahead.

Across all devices

Accessible on Google Play, Apple App Store and the web.

What is the Absolute Mind Method?

Start a new day in a new way…

Every morning on your “Today” page, you’ll be given a new daily quote to consider. This quote is the theme for the new video meditation to listen to and enjoy. These unique few moments help you to start your day in the right way. This is our simple way for you to build a powerful daily meditation habit in as little as 7 minutes a day.

Why? Studies show that priming your mind in a positive way each day can focus your mind to think more positively. Plus, a simple morning meditation habit has been shown to be transformative in changing the way we feel. Imagine the impact when we build this into your organisation.

Paula Sweet - Today Page Meditation video
Today page on your Absolute Mind app
Paula Sweet - My Mind page Video Image
My Mind Page of Your Absolute Mind app

Your Absolute Mind App…

❤️ Like any post or video to save to your “My Mind” section of the app. This includes 1000’s of mental health tools, programmes, hypnosis, CBT and even simple and enjoyable challenges. Make small, enjoyable steps each day to become mentally healthy.

Perhaps you’d like to lower anxiety, improve your sleep, reduce your stress level or even discover ways to feel more confident when presenting in the workplace. There are so many to explore and save to your “My Mind” section.

Why? Most mental health apps are stressful to use. They consist of long, protracted text-based questions and answers with few actionable and practical ways to implement and embed new learning.

Grow & Become Mentally Healthy…

The “Grow” section of the app is designed to help you learn and grow to become mentally healthy. Let’s face it: whatever we want to master starts and ends with growth and development.

The Grow section has 100’s simple-to-follow tools from CBT, NSDR, NLP, Hypnosis and Positive Psychology to master and allow you to grow and understand yourself.

Why? Because becoming mentally healthy involves a process of learning and self-discovery. And, perhaps this week you’d like to master your sleep habit, and next week you’d like to lower your anxiety. Your Growth is important to your journey.


Paula Sweet from the grow page
Grow page from Your Absolute Mind app

Why Choose Your Absolute Mind?

Your Absolute Mind app is the world’s first multi-modal personal therapy app, giving you proven tools from CBT, NLP, Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Meditations, a Journal and Positive Psychology. Your EAP programme is supported by the UK largest EAP provider Health Assured so you can rest assured, you’re in good hands.

Your Daily Meditation Practice

Your Simple Journal

Your CBT/NLP Insights

Your Absolute Mind App

Your Hypnosis Sessions

Your Thought Provoking Quotes

Why Choose Our Partnership with

Health Assured?

Brands backed by Award Winning Health Assured EAP…

Brands backed by health assured

Benefits of an EAP

24/7, 365 helpline

Unlimited access to a 24/7, 365 confidential UK-based helpline answered by qualified counsellors in 20 seconds.


Counselling support for employees

The award-winning EAP provides up to 12 counselling sessions per year per employee, supporting your staff with their mental health in the workplace.


 Critical Incident Management Support

Healthy Assured can offer a range of CISM support services, including crisis intervention, trauma management, and post-incident support.



What are your EAP options?

We have full coverage of the Your Absolute Mind Method and the standard EAP offering with Health Assured.

The complete Your Absolute Mind Method includes:

  • Full access to the Your Absolute Mind app
  • Weekly mental health challenges
  • Weekly engagement videos and emails
  • Free 24/7 counselling, legal & information line
  • Face-to-face counselling sessions 6 - 12
  • Critical incident advice & telephone support
  • Online health portal & access to the Wisdom App
  • Management support line & counselling
  • Manager support guides.

The "EAP Only" option doesn't include access to the App, weekly mental health challenges, weekly engagement videos, or emails. Also, consider several bespoke options that may be right for you and your business. 

How long is the contract?

Flexibility is key for us, which is why we offer 1 to 5-year contracts on all EAP packages. To reward longer-term contracts, we fix the year 1 price for the term of the agreement.

Do you offer bespoke content?

Of course. However, Your Absolute Mind has been built on the premise that we provide you with tools and programmes in an easy and enjoyable app with the core aim of helping your team become mentally healthy.

Our bespoke content might be a live or virtual training course, a monthly webinar series, or focused challenge to raise internal engagement. Simply ask what you're after and we can build this to your requirements.

What does it cost?

The full Your Absolute Mind Method and Health Assured EAP pricing depends on certain options selected, as well as headcount and contract length.

But we hate answers like that, so to simplify. Small businesses can expect to pay £6.95 per month per user, and large businesses from £3.75 per month. It really does depend on so many factors and additional bespoke add-ons and support. In the same way no two businesses are alike. No two EAP support packages are the same.

How long does it take to implement?

In most cases, we can have you and your team onboarded and supported in 21 days. It's vital that we agree on an onboarding and engagement plan. The truth is that so many EAP offerings have low uptake, and this is due to the onboarding process, which initiates employee engagement. The key to a proactive support package.

What size of businesses can you support?

There are no limitations. Even if you have a team of less than 10 we can support you too.

And, for those PLC's looking to enhance their EAP offering we have you covered too.

Is any support AI?

Absolutely not. Which I know may seem strange due to the current AI hype. However, our research suggests low trust in AI videos and suggestions. The mission of Your Absolute Mind is to "Inspire, educate and motivate people to become mentally healthy." And if that message via all of its modalities is AI generated, then it seems to presuppose "we humans" might not be able to achieve that. 

What are the steps to Implement Your Absolute Mind EAP?

It all starts with a call. This is a chance for you to learn more about why we might be right for you and for us to ensure that our offer can deliver what you're looking for from an EAP package.

Then, within 72 hours, we will send you our proposal, including a full quote with options for the term that suits you and any cost options and roll-out plans for any bespoke content packages. 

Once you've selected the options, we'll issue you an implementation pack, dot the "I's" and cross the "T's", and we'll have you supported and covered in 14 days.

We're here to support and guide you every step of the way.

Request More Information Today

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Learn more about our EAP

Uncover the transformative power of Your Absolute Mind app when linked with an award-winning EAP programme from Health Assured.  Click and watch the video to discover how we can help your business become mentally healthy. 

Happy Clients

Built on a foundation of over a decade of one-on-one therapy experience and up-to-date sciences. Your Absolute Mind app embodies the lessons learned from working with numerous clients.

I believe that, with the right support and guidance, we can all become mentally healthy through the practice of positive mental health habits and small enjoyable lessons.

Imagine the changes you’re company could experience just three months from now – when together, we build a culture who embrace becoming mentally healthy. 



Our Mission

“We believe we can transform the world by inspiring, educating and motivating people to become mentally healthy.”



I found myself going days without feeling overwhelmed, tearful or anxious. Through taking on the tools Paula suggested and taught me I have been able to take back control of my thoughts and better my lifestyle. I highly recommend

Alex (Google Review)

After suffering with quite bad anxiety and low self esteem I thought I’d give hypnosis a go.
Paula’s warm, friendly approach made me feel comfortable and put my nerves at ease.
After only two sessions I could see and feel a difference. I still cannot believe the transformation. I feel so happy and so much more confident in myself.
I would totally recommend to anyone considering hypnosis.

Catherine Warner (Google Review)

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