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Introducing the Your Absolute Mind app – a meticulously crafted, scientifically supported, habit-forming personal therapy solution. It’s not just another meditation app!

Experience the Your Absolute Mind app as your simplified daily practice to help you move from anxious, stressed and frustrated to calm, focused and living on purpose. By implementing a set of proven, easy-to-use tools and meditations designed to enable you to grow to manage lifes challenges more effectively in just 7 minutes or less each day.

Because “Your mental health starts with you.”

Why Absolute Mind App?

Daily - habit forming

Build better habits for your mental health with Your Today page.

Actionable and enjoyable

Small daily steps that you can quickly implement into your day making it enjoyable.

A simple journal

Journal your thoughts to reflect on your feelings and their triggers.

With you always

There is no need to “find time”. Simply check in at your own pace and work through tools and programmes that suit you.

Daily dose of mental well-being

New daily quotes and meditations will uplift and inspire you for your day.

Across all devices

Accessible and Available on Google Play, Apple App Store and the web.

Start a new day in a new way…

Every morning on your “Today” page, you’ll be given a new daily quote to consider. This quote is the theme for the new video meditation to listen to and enjoy. These unique moments will help you start your day in the right way. This is our simple way for you to build a powerful daily meditation habit in as little as 7 minutes a day.

Paula Sweet - Today Page Meditation video
Today page on your Absolute Mind app
Paula Sweet - My Mind page Video Image
My Mind Page of Your Absolute Mind app

Your Absolute Mind App…

❤️ Like any post or video to save to your “My Mind” section of the app. This includes 100’s of mental health tools, programmes, hypnosis and even simple and enjoyable challenges. Make small, enjoyable steps each day to become mentally healthy.

Perhaps you’d like to lower anxiety, improve your sleep, and find your passion and purpose. There are so many to explore and save to your “My Mind” section.

Grow & Become Mentally Healthy…

The “Grow” section of the app is designed to help you learn and grow to become mentally healthy. Let’s face it: whatever we want to master starts and ends with growth and development. The Grow section has 100’s of simple-to-follow tools from CBT, NLP, Hypnosis and Psychology to master and allow you to grow and understand yourself.


Paula Sweet from the grow page
Grow page from Your Absolute Mind app

Why Choose us

Your Absolute Mind app is the world’s first multi-modal personal therapy app, giving you proven tools from CBT, NLP, Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Meditations, a Journal and Positive Psychology.

Yet… So simple and enjoyable.

Your Daily Meditation Practice

Your Simple Journal

Your CBT/NLP Insights

Your Absolute Mind App

Your Hypnosis Sessions

Your Thought Provoking Quotes

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Start your 7-day free trial today. Your FREE trial starts as soon as you subscribe, giving you full access for only £12.99 per month or £89.99 per year. You will only be charged after your 7-day FREE trial.

How it Works

Uncover the transformative power of Your Absolute Mind app. Click and watch the video to explore how effortlessly you can start reshaping your emotional well-being, and becoming mentally healthy.

Happy Clients

Built on a foundation of over a decade of one-on-one therapy experience and up-to-date sciences. Your Absolute Mind app embodies the lessons learned from working with tens of thousands of clients.

I believe that, with the proper support and guidance, we can all become mentally healthy through the practice of positive mental health habits and small enjoyable lessons.

Imagine the changes you’ll experience just three months from now – a testament to your personal growth and journey towards a healthier mind.



Our Mission

“We believe we can transform the world by inspiring, educating and motivating people to become mentally healthy.”



I found myself going days without feeling overwhelmed, tearful or anxious. Through taking on the tools Paula suggested and taught me I have been able to take back control of my thoughts and better my lifestyle. I highly recommend

Alex (Google Review)

After suffering with quite bad anxiety and low self esteem I thought I’d give hypnosis a go.
Paula’s warm, friendly approach made me feel comfortable and put my nerves at ease.
After only two sessions I could see and feel a difference. I still cannot believe the transformation. I feel so happy and so much more confident in myself.
I would totally recommend to anyone considering hypnosis.

Catherine Warner (Google Review{

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